The Changing Faith Podcast with Michael Hidalgo

Considering important questions and next steps for those whose faith and spirituality is changing.


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Chris Heuertz joins us and talks about his new book The Sacred Enneagram. He shares how the enneagram is a sacred map to the soul and offers a path to cutting through the internal clutter and findi...
December 6, 2017
We’ve been told that the enemy is to be destroyed. Jesus tells us to love our enemies. We’ve been told that the other is a threat. Jesus tells us that it’s in the eyes of the other that we see G...
November 20, 2017
On this episiode Michael talks about people who are judgmental, and why so many of us have such a negative view of it. It just may have something to do with the fact that all of us, in one way or an...
November 6, 2017
Michelle Ferrigno Warren joins the Changing Faith Podcast and talks with Michael about her new book, The Power of Proximity ... they talk about awareness and ignorance, what justice includes, racis...
October 24, 2017
On this episode of The Changing Faith Podcast, Michael welcomes Ryan Taylor, Director of Access and the Co-Director at Network Coffee House in Denver, CO. Ryan shares about his work in hard places, h...
October 9, 2017
On this first ever episode of The Changing Faith Podcast, Michael responds to the question, "What is this all about?" ... so we can know what this podcast will be all about!
September 25, 2017