Episode 017 :: Elyse Snipes and Paralysis, EMDR and Vulnerability

On Episode 017 of The Changing Faith Podcast Elyse Snipes, a licensed marriage and family therapist, joins us to share her story, what she is learning and what she is doing to help us and many others walk in and through our pain to live honest, authentic and courageous lives. We cover a lot of ground in this episode - from milk shakes and fries and group therapy, to paralysis, to healing, to why I cannot eat mashed potatoes, to EMDR Therrapy, to why Elyse chose vulnerability over sounding smart ... and we conclude with a surpise visit from one of her children! Recorded at her home in California I left knowing I had learned a lot, been challenged and been encouraged by Elyse. You can learn more about her work, her retreats her speaking, and her Podcast here:http://www.elysesnipestherapy.com

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