Episode 021 :: This And / Or That

The Changing Faith Podcast is back for Season 2! On Episode 021 titled, This And/Or That, We ask how do we - in the midst of a time where we have lost the ability to disagree while lending dignity, honor and respect to one another - act as a healing presence? Together we explore the deep interconnectedness of every last particle in the universe, and consider a way of seeing our world that can be helpful to each of us in the midst of a time when so many people seem divided.   We will consider how we can transcend our binary thinking and move beyond seeing only two options or two competing thoughts – life is not This OR That.

How then do we become people who are comfortable in the tension and reflect a preference for seeing even the hardest conversations – from the most pressing issues in our country, important conversations including our theology and our politics – as This AND That? Perhaps if we can see the depth and complexity in all things, we will discover how to exist as people who invite others toward unity, not division.

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