Episode 022 :: Jonathan Merritt and Speaking God

On Episode 022 Jonathan Merritt joins us to talk about his latest book Learning to Speak God From Scratch. The book is about his about moving from the Bible Belt to New York City, only to find himself mute in a strange land—one that didn’t automatically understand the “Christianese” to which he was accustomed in the South. So he decided to investigate - commissioning both a nationwide study and conducting his own through polling friends and strangers - and delved into a full-on study of linguistics. He reflects, "If we do not use sacred words, then our minds will be less attuned to transcendence. If we do not have spiritual conversations, then we’ll be less shaped by our spirituality. And if moral language is vanishing—with the decline of words like grace, mercy, honest, courage, and wisdom—then we can expect our communities and culture will reflect this shift.”

Learn more about Jonathan and his book here: https://www.speakgodbook.com


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