Episode 039 :: George Mekhail on Church Clarity

George Mekhail, Executive Director of Church Clarity joins the Changing Faith Podcast to talk about how institutions often operate in ambiguity, rather than clarity. And churches are no exception. Many churches fail to disclose their actively enforced policies … Can a woman preach? Will you officiate a same-sex wedding? Will you hire a queer pastor? Answers to these questions often remain elusive. Ambiguity enables those with power to operate without accountability, often causing real harm. Many invest years into a church community, only to later discover the truth about the church’s policies, and end up feeling betrayed, deceived and “bait-and-switched.” Join us to learn why Clarity is reasonable. You can learn more about Church Clarity here: https://www.churchclarity.org Follow George on Twitter here:@gmekhail

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