Episode 064 :: Bonnie Lewis and an Idiomatic Translation of the Bible

Bonnie Lewis joins the Changing Faith Podcast on this episode. She is a writer, speaker, and theologian. She serves as the Divinity and Creativity Coach with Radical Wellness Collaborative and is the co-host of the Timshel Cast. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two kids. We discuss her recent work, called "Timshel," the first-ever idiomatic Bible translation. Timshel, translated from the Hebrew word meaning “we have a choice,” brings out the inner journey of the characters in twenty well-known Biblical stories through rigorous exegetical work, word studies, and historical and cultural research. With the use of modern psychology, and the emphasis on the context in which the text was written, these stories come alive in a whole new way. You can learn more about Timshel and order a copy by visiting timsheltranslation.com and keep up with Bonnie too, click here to follow her on Instagram.

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